martedì 16 novembre 2010

sempre più tamarri

per evitare ogni sbattimento ho copiato e incollato da questo sito (tra l'altro da segnarsi) la recensione del nuovo mix del watergate, per i maranza come noi però maranza fighi ;) scaricatevi questa compila, purtroppo è una traccia sola, ma se avete la pazienza a metà ci sono dei pezzi molto carini, a partire dal trentesimo minuto, non saprei dire il titolo ovviamente... la nuova compila secondo me è molto meglio di tutte le precedenti, anche e soprattutto di quella di Ellen Allien...

DJ and producer Lee Jones has mixed Watergate 07, the next edition of the Berlin nightclub's compilation series.

Whether on his own or with Nick Hoppner as My My, Jones has been DJing and making music for over a decade. His own productions tend to be lean and understated yet still charismatic, as heard on his various 12-inches for Aus Music or his album Electric Frank. It's a sound that's well suited to the slick atmosphere of Watergate, where Jones now DJs one weekend per month in the upstairs room.

Following editions by dOP, Sebo K and Ellen Allien among others, Watergate 07 features mostly unreleased material, including new tracks by Mark Henning, My My and Brandt Brauer Frick. Jones fit in a slew of his own tracks as well, plus exclusive edits and collaborations with artists like Patrice Baumel and Matthias Meyer. The compilation will mark Jones' first commercial mix CD.

01. Lee Jones - In The Water
02. Flowers & Sea Creatures - International (Lee Jones Watergate Remix)
03. Andri - White Sunday
04. My My - Mymorial
05. Matthias Meyer & Lee Jones - Basic Chord Tool
06. Ray Okpara - Short Stick
07. The Cheapers - Being Eaten (Watergate Edit)
08. Lee Jones & Daniel Dreier - Lullaby
09. Brandt Brauer Frick - Melancholie (Lee Jones Watergate Remix)
10. Alex James vs Alif Tree feat. Los Updates - The Blind Busker
11. Patrice Bäumel & Lee Jones - Voice Scatter
12. Lee Jones - Yoyo (Watergate Version)
13. Mark Henning - Gibson Said
14. Acid Pauli - December
15. Gregorythm and Greenbank - Lion Dreams
16. Lee Jones - Kreuzberg 61

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